Cedarhurst Community Association

Cedarhurst On The Bay is overseen by a volunteer group made up of a range of residents who work to maintain our special community. An elected board of directors and the community association coordinate the revenues of the community, giving all a vested interest in the stewardship of the community.

Cedarhurst Community Association (CCA) also sponsors a host of social events for all ages throughout the year. Meetings are held at the community house.

All Cedarhurst homeowners become members automatically. If you rent a home in the community, you can still become a member by filling out the application below.


Executive Officers:

President: Skip Miano, cedarhurstpresident@gmail.com
Vice President: Daniel Miller, dmiller0412@comcast.net
Treasurer: Betsy Weikam, bweinkam@gmail.com
Secretary: Nica Miano cedarhurstsecretary@gmail.com
Sign up for the email distribution list at cedarhurstsecretary@gmail.com


Board of Directors:

Brian Moore, BrianJMoore12@gmail.com
Pam Foster, pamjimf@comcast.net
JD Faircloth, JFaircloth@verizon.net

Chris Jensen, christopher@jensen.org
Kevin Howard, mth14765@gmail.com

Taylor Holtz, marfieldholtz@gmail.com
Karen O’Toole, KJMYTC@yahoo.com

Charles Quintero, chuck@quintero.me

Active Committees:

Community House : Karen O'Toole, CedarhurstCommunityHouse@gmail.com
Harbor: Jim Foster, jfoster4603@gmail.com
Social / Benevolence: Karen O'Toole, CedarhurstBenevolence@gmail.com
Grounds: Pam Foster, pamjimf@comcast.net, Betsy Weinkam, bweinkam@gmail.com and
Buildings/ Structures: Skip Miano, cedarhurstpresident@gmail.com
Community Relations: Karen O'Toole, CedarhurstCommunityRelations@gmail.com
Security : Daniel Miller, dmiller0412@comcast.net
Shoreline Restoration: Jim Foster, jfoster4603@gmail.com
Historical Research : Elaina Uhl, elaina.lill@gmail.com
Web: L. Sidney Irving, sidneyandcompany@gmail.com

Facebook Page: Brian Moore, brianjmoore12@gmail.com

Newsletter: Jennifer Dieux, jenniferdieux@gmail.com 

Special Projects:

Commodore: Rob O'Steen, rosteen@jhu.edu
Elections / Nominations: Brian Moore, brianjmoore12@gmail.com


Anne Arundel County Info:

AA County: http://www.aacounty.org
Our AA County Community Specialist:

Vincent Moulden, exmoul00@a acounty.org

(410) 222-1260